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What comes with the bartender?

(Basic Bar Supplies)

-Pour Spouts For 750ml Bottles
-Bottle Opener
-Garnish Caddie
-Napkins & Straws
-Napkin Caddie
-Ice Bin
-Ice Scoop
-Wine Opener
-Cutting Board


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Staffing Only Packages

To hire staffing only, we have a minimum of 4 hours of service. Pricing below is based on 4 hours of service and 1 hour setup time.  

  • Mixologist: Our mixologist have extensive knowledge on cocktails, presentation and craft cocktails.   Rates starting at $175 
  • Head Bartender: Our head bartenders have at least 2 years of experience and a wide range knowledge of cocktails.  Rates starting $150
  • Bartender: Our bartenders typically have over a year experience,  are knowledgeable in most common cocktails and are always the life of the party. Rates starting $135
  • Back bars & Waiters: Bar backs are perfect at helping the mixologist or bartender with replenishing ice, keep garnishments prepped, trash emptied, and bar cleaned. Waiters, help in front of the bar mainly, they can help pick up glassware, plates, help with hors d'oeuvres, clean up and much more. Rates starting at $125
  • Need a Brand Ambassador contact us! We are always happy to help and learn more about different products! 

These rates do not include gratuity and can change based on day, holiday or other factors unknown.