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The greatest ugly sweater competition you've ever been in, with a prize you need to win, three drinks to get you smoothly through the holidays, boozy desserts to make your menu memorable (unless you have too many), and another great SALE! Palace Party still reigns supreme; read on to learn the news!

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It's time. The most wonderful time of the year.

Time for Palace Party Beverage Company's...




We know you've got some fabulous woolen monstrosities in your closets, and we want to see them. We want the world to see them.

Here's how to participate!:

  1. Put on your ugly sweater.
  2. Pour yourself a beverage.
  3. Take a selfie (or have a friend assist if you haven't yet mastered this trick) of yourself IN the sweater, WITH the beverage.
    *Entries will only be considered if you have beverage in hand!*
    *NOTE: If you enter your adorable underage child, their beverage may (must) be non-alcoholic.
  4. Email us that photo!
  5. Deadline for entries is December 26th, giving you just enough time to eat too much, drink too much, sleep it off, wake up and apply 60 different filters to all 40 selfies that we know you took, pick the best one, and send it to us.
  6. We will post every beautiful entry on Facebook (unless you tell us not to) and will also announce the winner on Facebook. By the way, if we're not friends on Facebook yet we should be.

The winner will receive:

A Palace Party Holiday Party Box full of wintery delights!

The exact details are a secret, but here's a hint: It's boozy, it's delicious, and it's fit for royalty.


So ready your cameras, don those woolen gems, and raise your beverages!

Show us those sweaters!


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Holiday Cocktail Trio

There are so many holidays to celebrate this season, and you need a drink for every single one of them.

We've got you for 3 of them. We'd have you for all, but newsletters can only be so long, you know?




This year we're going with a Christmas classic. It's delicious, beautiful, and easy to make, making it the perfect addition to take your Christmas party up one fabulous level. Introducing:

The Poinsettia

5 Cranberries

1oz Cointreau

2oz Cranberry juice


Combine Cranberries, Cointreau, and Cranberry Juice in a shaker with ice. Muddle the Cranberries, then shake until chilled. Strain into a Champagne Flute, then top with Champagne. Pop some frozen cranberries on top for beauty and extra chill!

Photo credit: Plan-it Vicki


Our selection for Hanukkah took our breaths away for beauty. The cool, clear winter blue sets an elegant tone for your celebration, and gives the drinker a most stylish air. We bring to you:

The Aviation

1oz Gin (G'Vine Floraison is recommended)

3/4oz Maraschino Liqueur

1/2oz Fresh Lemon Juice

1/4oz Creme de violette


Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a coupe, or saucer glass, and garnish as you please!

We have heard a rumor, by the by, that the lemon juice can be replaced with limoncello for an added kick, if you're in the mood.


Photo credit: Last Cocktail

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve, we again have a tried and true, never-fail staple. It's fresh, like your start next year, refreshing, like you need after 2016, and so, so tasty. Ladies and Gentlemen:

The French 75

1oz Gin

1/2oz Simple Syrup

1/2oz Fresh Lemon Juice


Combine Gin, Simple Syrup, and Lemon Juice in a shaker with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a Champagne Flute, and top with Champagne. Traditionally, you would garnish this with a lemon twist, but it's New Year's Eve, so go ahead and use something glittery.

Photo credit: The Pandora Society


Boozy Edibles

So now you know what you're drinking, but what should you be eating?

Obviously, more booze. Why is this even a question?

It's a good idea to start early in the day, since you have so much celebrating to do, so we made sure to find you some sweet treats that can be dessert or breakfast, or both, depending on your festive mood. Read on!


Amaretto Crepes with Cranberry Raspberry Sauce

Sarah over at The Gold Lining Girl is a genius. A boozy, crepe-y savant. She developed this amaretto crepe that is divine. It can be breakfast, it can be dessert, it can be anything you want it to be because nobody could ever fault you for wanting this no matter what time of day.

This crepe has amaretto in the crepe itself, which is filled with sweet vanilla mascarpone, and doused with an amaretto cranberry-raspberry sauce.

Are you drooling yet? We are.

Head on over to The Gold Lining Girl for the recipe, and let Sarah teach you a little something about deliciousness!


Bourbon Cupcake with Maple Buttercream & Bourbon Maple Glazed Bacon

Nicole, over at Wonky Wonderful, brings to us this sinful addition to our holiday smorgasbord, and may we just say: Swoon.

I don't even have to explain why this is a breakfast food. There's bacon on top, for goodness sake. A three-part confection that's just as impressive as a three-piece suit, it's salty, it's sweet, and it's everything you ever needed in a "breassert." Visit Wonky Wonderful to learn how to make these little wonders, and never have another regret in your life.


Photo Credit: Emma Weckerling




I don't know if you've heard, but a little thing called the Super Bowl is coming to Houston next February.


We are already seeing the party planning starting to pick up fervor, so don't hold off too long on planning your Super Bowl LI party lest you miss out on your favorite bartender!


See below for offer details:



Complimentary Domestic Keg

Contact us to book an All-Inclusive Package for your Super Bowl LI party before January 15, 2017 and receive:

1 FREE Domestic Keg


Offer valid only for events with more than 50 guests.

Offer Expires 01/15/2017