1. If we go with the all-inclusive package can you insure that we will not run out of alcohol?

 -Yes, we guarantee that you will not run out of alcohol. We do ask that if you have a breakdown of the percentage of how many guest will drink wine, beer and liquor to please provide this information. Otherwise, we will bring an equal amount of each type of alcohol. 


2.Will we bring can beer, bottled beer or aluminum beer?

 -If you are having your event at Noah’s Event Center we are required to bring can or aluminum beer.

-If you are having your event at another venue please verify with them on their policy for this.

-If the venue approves bottled beer and you would prefer this we will be happy to bring the beer in bottles.


3.What Juices are included in packages?

 -Typically, we bring 3 types of juices cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade (seasonal) and apple juice are the most common types. 


4. What's the most common beers, wines, and liquors served at weddings?

 -This varies greatly, most of the time you know your guests better than we do, that is why you are allowed to pick the alcohols we bring, if you are bringing the alcohol or do not know, we can gladly work with you to come up with a rounded list of types and amounts to bring. 


5.Can you send me a picture of the aluminum bar that is included in the package?

 The Aluminum measures 3'x3'x1'

The Aluminum measures 3'x3'x1'

6.When do we have to commit to a final headcount?

 -A month is advance is ideal, but at the latest two weeks prior to your event. 

7.What size cup comes with the all-inclusive package?

 -We bring a clear 10 oz cup that is ideal for wine and mixed cocktails.